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    IA is excited to announce  our first Integrated Aw...
  • Thank you, Tomales!
    This July we completed our IA Avocational course at Tom...
  • LBG 's Sabbatical
    As the sign in the picture suggests, it’s time to...

Personal Experiences

I’ve been learning and expanding with the aid of Integrated Awareness for fifteen years. As a teenager I talked circles around talk therapists, uninterested in a conventional approach to anything, much less to depression,... Read more
-Max - Brooklyn, NY

Avocational Events with Lansing

Oct 22 to Oct 28 Apprentice Gathering - IA Skill Building
Center for Integrated Awareness®
170 Professional Center Drive
94928 Rohnert Park, CA
United States
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    Posted in Blog on Oct 9, 2014
    ‘Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness,... Read more
  • 14
    Posted in Blog on Sep 14, 2014
    In Eastern traditions, surrender refers to the goal of removing the ego from your behavior.  ... Read more
  • 14
    Posted in Blog on Aug 14, 2014
     As babies, we feel everything but don’t know for sure what it all means.  We create the... Read more