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    IA is excited to announce  our first Integrated Aw...
  • Thank you, Tomales!
    This July we completed our IA Avocational course at Tom...
  • LBG 's Sabbatical
    As the sign in the picture suggests, it’s time to...

Personal Experiences

My IA journey has brought about many blessings, not only for me, but for my unborn child who is now 6.  Through the last few years I have hit many traumas bigger than I could handle.  Each time, it was the loving hands of an IA... Read more
-Nancy - Homestead, Florida

Avocational Events with Lansing

Oct 22 to Oct 28 Apprentice Gathering - IA Skill Building
Center for Integrated Awareness®
170 Professional Center Drive
94928 Rohnert Park, CA
United States
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Current Blogs

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    Posted in Blog on Oct 9, 2014
    ‘Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness,... Read more
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    Posted in Blog on Sep 14, 2014
    In Eastern traditions, surrender refers to the goal of removing the ego from your behavior.  ... Read more
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    Posted in Blog on Aug 14, 2014
     As babies, we feel everything but don’t know for sure what it all means.  We create the... Read more